Social Business Strategy & Plan 8 Steps to Develop & Sustain Social Business

Social Business Strategy is about Sustainability

Pam Moore, the CEO & Founder of MarketingNutz is spot-on with her highly visual SlideShare on Social Business Strategy. Implementing Social Technologies is never about the technology! Pam advocates an approach called POST: People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology. I agree with the order. In my experience too many people think they’ve become a Social Business because they’ve installed a tool such as Yammer or IBM Connections; #Fail. Highly effective organizations take a change management approach and reengineer their business to incorporate social tools and be transformed by social technologies.

Social Business Strategy

Pam outlines the following steps:

  1. Determine business objectives
  2. Know your audience
  3. Map your vision / journey
  4. Establish executive support
  5. Create a Roadmap of strategy & tactics
  6. Create Governance & guideline
  7. Secure resources and funding
  8. Then, invest in technology to support your objectives, vision, and journey.

As someone who has implemented hundreds of IT projects and business reengineering projects I can tell you that the above makes perfect sense to me! Read through Pam’s SlideShare below and contact me if you’re serious about developing a Social Business within your company.