Infographic The Social Business Shift

Is your Organization creating a Social Business Shift?

Eloqua Social Business infographicEloqua takes a look across 4 business functions to document the social business shift occurring in each area. This infographic is by no means comprehensive. There are many business functions benefiting from a social shift and there are many more social technologies contributing to it as well.

A Social Business Shift means a change in your Business Model

Okay, we avoided paradigm in the title, but, really we do mean how you think about your business and how you organize. These can be difficult changes to make as the process typically involves a ton of politics and dare I say fear? A good Organizational Effectiveness program or approach may be in your best interest. Once people see how they and the company benefit (and they buy in) then you can start to see a true shift from social business.
How does your business compare? Are you adopting social technologies across a broad array of business functions? Are you ready? This infographic can help you to identify if your company is actually shifting. It can also help you to identify areas to pilot social technologies.