How to Plan and Design your Social Business Culture

Why Design a Social Business Culture?

Tom De Baere‘s SlideShare, entitled “How to Plan and Design your Social Business Culture”, talks through many key elements of why you need to pay attention to the details of your social business culture. Tom focuses on consumer behavior and how most consumers conduct 60 to 80% of their research online before they even make contact with your organization. The key element here is trust. Is your organization developing social trust? Tom asks us to harness the inherent social nature of our people to empower and enable them to be advocates for our Brands and organizations. Tom asserts that:

Social Business is about producing outcomes that matter to the business–through people.

He specifically states that social business is not about about social media or social technologies and it is not even about marketing. I agree with him on all of these points! Although many organizations are drawn to social media for PR and Marketing early adopters of social technologies find that they have unexpected impacts on business productivity. See Transforming the Business Through Social Tools for more information on this topic. To learn more about how to plan and design your social business culture click through Tom’s SlideShare below:

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