Why Social Business Adoption is Good For Marketing Strategy

Need a Good Marketing Strategy? Become a Social Business

In this SlideShare by Michael Brito, author of Smart Business, Social Business: A Playbook for Social Media in Your Organization, the link between Marketing and Social Business is explored. Even though many organizations start their social business initiatives to aid PR and Marketing, they do not necessarily understand why social business adoption is good for marketing strategy. One of the keys to this linkage can be illustrated in the chart below:
Chart: How Social business strategy delivers value to stakeholders


Feedback Loops are a key to Social Business

There is certainly much more to say about marketing and social business, however, one key that I see across all efforts is the feedback loops established. Want to know what your customers are thinking? Just listen. Or better yet ask. Need to bounce ideas off of technical development quickly? Try a social intranet instead of an email chain or monthly meeting. The ability to get feedback quickly and effectively is a key component of social technologies. With these feedback loops established it is possible to build real-time marketing and content creation capabilities. On slide 21 Michael depicts how Brand Alignment, Audience Passion, and Trending Conversations can create an Agile Content sweet-spot for those savvy enough to have built the right organization. Read through the SlideShare below. Do you have a need for good marketing? Want to build a great agile content organization? Call me.