Josepf Haslam the Godfather of Social Media by Jeannette Marshall

The Godfather of Social Media?

Josepf Haslam Godfather of Social MediaWell, it is a fun post. And an unexpected accolade. Jennette Marshall, also known as @optioneerJM, interviewed me on what I saw as the future of social media. She somehow found the photo to the left and dubbed me with the title “The Godfather of Social Media“. It makes for a good ice breaker if nothing else.

Although the post is over three years old it is still germane. A few of my predictions are still in progress and a couple fell a little off the mark. Mostly I was spot-on though :) Right now we are seeing social media impact us in so may ways that it is a little crazy! I curate articles on on a wide variety of topics such as Social Business, how Social is impacting Financials & Pharmaceuticals, and how SocialSEO is replacing “SEO”.

We are all social creatures

To explain social I use an array of metaphors and analogies. Forget the technology. We certainly all know how fast the grapevine works right? News good or bad, spreads much faster than any organization might predict or like. The power of Social Business is to harness the inherent social nature of people. If you do not they will be talking about you and your brand regardless. Why not lead the parade and implement an intentionally Social Business transformation?

Tell your boss the godfather wants to make them an offer they can’t refuse…