How Social Technology has Emerged as an Enterprise Management Model – Dion Hinchcliffe

Dion Hinchcliffe’s Opinions on Enterprise Management as influenced by Social Technologies

It was surely bound to happen, as high technology has become so deeply intertwined in our personal and business lives, and now it has:

The digital world has reshaped how we manage and operate our organizations like never before, unleashing potent new possibilities while simultaneously posing major challenges that must be overcome.It’s a complex and unfolding story — even more so because it’s very much not driven by the resources or agenda of any one organization, technology, or interest group — but rather a loosely connected, highly emergent, and interrelated global narrative as companies en mass grapple with how pervasive software and networks are enabling access to entirely new possibilities for value creation.

Source: How Social Technology has Emerged as an Enterprise Management Model – Dion Hinchcliffe

evolution of collaboration technology and management theory

Social Technologies will inherently Transform Organizations into Social Businesses

If you have not run across Dion Hinchcliffe yet, please do. Dion has great opinions and resources, such as the illustration above, regarding the impact of social technologies on enterprise transformation. Is it possible that businesses might “skip” this transformation? Sure. Take a look at the ones who skipped the printing press, the telephone, or the FAX machine and get back to me on that… It is my belief that social technologies are inherently transformative. The real power goes to those companies who realize this and become early adopters. There is simply too much at stake to sit around waiting to see how this all plays out. Are you leading your organization into social business? Call me.