B2B Infographic Case Study How Social Ready is your Enterprise

A B2B Infographic Case Study: How Ready is Your Enterprise for Social Business?

B2B Case Study Infographic Social EnterpriseAlthough this B2B Infographic Case Study on how social ready is your enterprise is a little dated it does serve as a good dashboard. How does your organization stack up? Let’s break down some of the important elements.

Social Business Thought Leadership

Does every business need to be a social business? Wait?! What kind of question is this in the first place? I assume that it must mean does every enterprise need to use social technologies? Certainly you do not really want to be an anti-social business do you? As to social technologies, my answer is yes. There is simply too much benefit inherent in the use of social technologies to deny the need for incorporation. So the question might be does your organization understand this yet?

Uses of Social Technologies

Great question. How prevalent and pervasive are social technologies within your company? Do you still see this as something just for sales and marketing or has it penetrated further? Early adopters of social technologies find unexpected benefits in areas such as R&D and even production planning. Where is your organization today?

Social Business Strategy

Does your company have an explicit Social Business Strategy? Is it well communicated? Is it well supported? Do you measure the benefits of your implementation? Is your social business strategy internally facing or just an external marketing adjunct?

Confidence in Social Business

How confident is your organization on the rollout of their social business strategy? Do your employees still think it is a program of the month? Is your top management bought in and engaged? Do you highlight and reward success stories? Confidence can be directly related to upper management behaviours. Are you still taking a wait and see attitude or are you fully committed?

Priority of Social Business Efforts

Is your social business implementation an unfunded mandate? Do you have explicit and dedicated community managers and social business champions? Do you have training and mentorship established? Or did you simply install Yammer with Office365 and tell everyone you’re a social business? Purchasing technology without investing in the culture changes and working through the business re-engineering is almost doomed to fail. What is the real priority of social business within your company?

Concerns about Social Technologies

Do you have concerns about social technology? You should if you do not. Effective adoption of social technologies requires care and thought. It is rocket science because you are overcoming organizational inertia. Do you have a way to monitor and address concerns with the use and implementation of social technologies? I suggest you put that into place!
If you were to conduct your own internal survey what would be the results? We may want social business to be as easy as selecting the right tools, however, the reality is that a well thought out business re-engineering needs to take place to realize the best benefits. Are you ready for social business? If not give me a call!