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Social Business is a hot buzzword but an even more important way to orient your organization. The best brand advocates in your company should be your employees, right? If not you have bigger problems. You also have passionate advocates called customers who talk about your brand, right? Social Business is a way of listening to “the voice of the customer”. It allows for excellent feedback to your products and services and an unparalleled opportunity for excellent customer support.

Social Business creates a more effective organization

According to McKinsey, Social Technologies can create a 20-25% improvement in knowledge worker productivity.  When most people think about Social Media they think Twitter, SnapChat, or Instagram. The real untapped potential is in Social Business.  Maersk, a B2B company if there ever was one, implemented a comprehensive social technologies thrust for marketing which also helped to turn transform them into social business. Read more about Maersk’s B2B Social campaigns. And Maersk is in good company with the likes of Whole Foods, GM, Puma, Dell, and the EarthWatch Institute.

Social Business Case Studies and Resources

This site is dedicated to resources and case studies about Social Business and the underlying Social Technologies. Read through the blog or contact Josepf Haslam, the Godfather of Social Media for more information. If you want to consult with Josepf please do not hesitate to call at 484-639-9789 or send a Tweet to @Josepf or please connect with me on LinkedIn.